With the fast growing mobile market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire and then retain users on an app. Whether you have taken the paid approach or have implemented an organic strategy, the challenge never seems to end.

Having spoken to a number of digital marketers running paid campaigns for their business apps, we have concluded one thing – not all the traffic their campaigns generate are relevant and hence, the users that they acquire may not be their ideal engaged personas. What if your app serves to create business models for startups and the person who liked your page is barely in high school, and is only interested in games?

This is where the importance of organic growth comes in.

Organic growth and word-of-mouth marketing

The organic growth of an app focuses on quality acquisition of users. These app strategy focuses on reaching out to specific target audience with custom messages to acquire them, and then leverage word-of-mouth to grow from just a handful of users to thousands.



Word-of-mouth is known to boost the marketing effectiveness by a whooping 54%. For that matter, it is also reported that 84% of people take action on personal recommendations coming from their friends or family. Millennials have ranked word-of-mouth as their no.1 influencer in making purchases or interacting with businesses – irrespective of their industry.

Making your app ready for organic growth with Smart Invites

The one and only way to ensure your app grows sustainably over time, and acquires only quality customers, is to get a word-of-mouth strategy in place. You don’t really have to wait for a user to complete a game to ask for a referral.

Asking a user to take some sort of action while he is hooked to the game, makes him more likely to complete it. It is important to tap into the psychology of the app user – no one would be interested in doing anything that requires them to go out of their way.

It is important to make these referrals a part of their natural usage of the app. The process should be as easy as a one-on-one conversation with a friend over a hot cup of coffee!

GetSocial Smart Invites enable developers and marketers to integrate their referral marketing strategies deep into the application. This ensures that the user experience in the app is not compromised and the probability of getting recommended is higher.

The tool makes use of popular instant messaging and social apps like Twitter, Whatsapp, Kik, Kakao and more to make it all the more easier for the user to invite his friends. With Smart Invites, you can enable personalization of messages, boosting the experience of the inviter and the invitee,and bringing in better growth results.

Referral marketing not just adds to your user acquisition, but also to the retention rate of your app. Since the bigger the number of a user’s friends and family on the app, the longer he is bound to stay on it to communicate with them regularly.

Benefits of using Smart Invites

Apart from a boost in the user acquisition and retention rates of your app, here are a few more benefits of using Smart Invites:

1. Helps you expand your reach

These invites can be shared on social channels like Facebook and Twitter, and also through popular messaging apps that are a part of mobile user’s life. These fully automated, customizable in-app referral messages can be easily shared on Whatsapp, Kik, Kakao and more! This leads to:

  • Greater app awareness;
  • Lower user acquisition costs;
  • Optimized marketing budgets.


Ruzzle Adventure Smart Invites

2. Effective personalization

In a digital world where every mobile user seeks value before interacting with a business, it is important to implement personalization. Be it a user’s first experience with your app or an existing user’s journey to an in-app purchase, personalization leads to better user experience and higher sign-up conversions. With Smart Invites, you can easily personalize:

  • Content sharing within the app to add more value to the user;
  • Onboarding experience of a new user;
  • Execute referral campaigns with tailored incentives.

There will always be a set of user who are more aggressive at recommending your app to their circle. These are people who act as ambassadors for your app and hence, should be kept motivated consistently.


Adventure Smash Smart Invite send on Whattsapp

“70% of the people who download your app will never, ever look at it again. So you better learn how to create and coddle power users.”

 Fast Company

With Smart Invites, GetSocial tracks the number of invites a user has sent and all the invite install events closely. The webhooks and referral data include sender and receiver information to help marketers better understand when, and how to reward their most active users. This helps your app:

  • Keep their active users hooked on to the app longer;
  • Achieve higher in-app conversions;
  • Get more users via word-of-mouth;
  • Stay in complete control of their rewarding/referral campaigns.

What’s more?

GetSocial Smart Invites are highly customizable in order to suit your app’s style and can be integrated in just a few minutes without heavy technical work!

Over to you

The sooner you implement a strategy to hook your current users and encourage them to promote your app in their circles, the more effective this marketing tactic is.

So power up your app with GetSocial‘s ultimate digital word-of-mouth tool for mobile apps and watch it grow organically like never before!