April 6 2017

We have always emphasised on the importance of user engagement for sustainable app growth. No matter how many times we say or write about it, it isn’t enough to nudge app developers and marketers to focus on their engagement strategies. So we brought together a list of apps that have integrated user engagement in their growth strategies perfectly!

1. Kim Kardashian West – Personalized Onboarding

One of the very important aspects of user engagement is making sure your users know what your app has to offer. Instead of letting them discover all the features in their own sweet time, a personalized onboarding is what will get them hooked to your app instantly. While everyone would like to cite other examples, we want to bring back the strategy Kim K used for her app!

She made sure each of her new users were greeted with a welcome message via a small clip of hers. Then the app used bubble messages at every step to guide its users through it – what feature can be found where and how to use it to complete a level. Making it all simple, got her users instantly hooked to the game (and her featured on Forbes!)


Need a guide? Checkout the roadmap to building a delightful onboarding experience on Smashing Magazine.

2. Fancy Cats – User Engagement with Activity Feed 

In one of our previous posts, we discussed how gamification is one of the most effective ways of keeping users engaged. Fancy Cats only proves how true that is. Letting your users see what other players like him are up to, what they have achieved so far and how they can do it too, can boost your user engagement rate exponentially.

Fancy Cats makes use of an in-app Activity Feed. The feed is just like Facebook, but customised for your app and its users. This is where a user can know what score his friend has achieved or where someone is stuck and is looking for tips from the community. The stronger the community, the longer your users will remain engaged.


3. Castle Cats – Giveaways and Competitions

We recently interviewed PocApp Studios to understand what they did for increasing their user engagement rates. One of the hacks that Tim listed was that of hosting exclusive giveaways and competitions that added value to their app users in some way. They also use Activity Feeds to promote their contests and instill a sense of competition amongst their users, encouraging more app sessions.

The games are easy to participate in and keep their users engaged – in-app as well as on social media. In the end, it is all about remaining at the top of your user’s mind at all times and not letting games like PokemonGo sweep them away!

facebookevent pocapp studios

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4. Ruzzle Adventure – Chat Rooms

Check your phone and tell us if you don’t have a chat app open. You do, right? That’s exactly the reason why most of your users often get distracted from the app and you lose out on engaging them. This is why having chat rooms in your app is important. When you serve the purpose of their need for networking and socialising with their circles, you bag longer app sessions and infinitely engaged users!

Adventure Smash for instance uses the GetSocial in-app chat. It lets users connect with their friends, other players and even the developer while enjoying the game.


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5. Personalized push notifications – PokemonGo

Your app could have the best of features for a user, but when he isn’t using it, how do you make sure he remembers what you have to offer? That’s where personalized push notifications come in. Push notifications are a proven way to keep app users engaged and even bring back inactive users for a session – only when done right.

PokemonGo is the best example of an app using push notifications. They used localisation as well as well data from understanding their user’s journey in the game to create push campaigns that kept users thoroughly engaged! 


BONUS: Latest user engagement hack – Building Social Relationships

While all the above are examples of user engagement tactics being made use of by several apps, here’s a new hack you need to try: building social relationships with GetSocial Social Graph.

We all know how effective referral marketing is in acquiring new users, keeping existing users engagement and boosting retention rates. But the one thing that can truly boost your engagement rates is the relationship a user has with the person he has invited to your app.

The GetSocial Social Graph generates an automated graph that connects your users with their friends irrespective of the channel they have made use of. This enables you to create highly customised campaigns that can keep them engaged as a group.

getsocial social graph


User engagement is a tricky game in itself. You need to be able to understand each of your users well, see how they interact with your app and then create strategies that will keep them hooked to it.

With apps losing 80% of their acquired users within 3 months, we think it is becoming increasingly important to focus on user engagement. That’s exactly why we have created a complete step-by-step guide (along with a checklist) to boost your app’s user engagement rates. Don’t forget to bag your FREE copy!

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