There are hundreds of different user acquisition and engagement tools to choose from today, making it even more cumbersome for a developer to find and assess the right SDK. Pinpointing the ones that would deliver on the promise is a demanding and time-consuming task. But what if you had a selection of the best options available on the market at hand? 

We have put together a list of 31 tools and grouped them under different categories: Communication, Engagement & Marketing Automation, Notifications, Attribution & Deep Linking, Acquisition & Retargeting. We’ve also provided key features and pricing for each of the tools.   


Communicating with your users on a regular basis is crucial for maintaining a better customer relationship and improving user experience. We suggest looking into 3 different subcategories: support, community building, and in-app messaging.  


Intercom is a communication platform that builds a suite of messaging-first products for businesses to accelerate growth across the customer lifecycle.
Features: Pop-up chat, Targeted emails, Notifications, In-app messaging
Price: From $39/month.

Zendesk is a cloud-based help desk software built for better customer relationships.
Features: Social messaging, Live chat and embedded support, Voice and SMS, Self-service and knowledge base.
Price: From €89/month.

Helpshift is a digital customer service platform that delivers personalized, scalable customer service in the mobile, web, social, and phone channels.
Features: Help desk, Customer service, Live chat
Price: N/A.

Community Building 

GetSocial Activity Feeds is a tool that allows to create and engage a community of app users.
Features: News feed, Community management, Social in-app and push notifications, Automatic profanity filter and content moderation.
Price: Calculated based on the number of daily active users.

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In-App Messaging 

Applozic provides developers with a comprehensive set of Chat SDKs and easy-to-use APIs.
Features: One-to-one chat, Group chat, Rich messaging, Real-time elements, Push notification, real-time storage.
Price: From $49/month

SendBird provides chat API and messaging SDK for in-app messaging on mobile apps and websites.
Features: Chat & Messaging, Moderation & Data, Customer Support, Security & Compliance.
: Free plan available.

Twilio is a cloud communication company that enables users to use standard web languages to build voice, VoIP, and SMS apps via a web API.
Features: Programmable SMS, Programmable voice, Programmable chat, Programmable video.
Price: Varies per service.

MessageBird is a cloud communications platform that connects enterprises to their global customers.
Features: Inbox, Flow builder, Developer APIs.
Price: Varies per service.

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Engagement & Marketing Automation 

Marketing automation enables marketers to gather important user information and then use it to create user segments and target them with relevant engagement campaigns.

Leanplum is a multi-channel customer engagement platform that helps brands meet the real-time needs of their customers.
Features: Campaign composer, Push notifications, Email marketing, Mobile analytics.
Price: N/A.

Swrve is a marketing and engagement platform that delivers relevant communications in real-time at scale.
Features: Content & Personalization, Customer Data & Segmentation, Messaging & Channel, Triggering & Delivery.
Price: N/A.

Braze is a customer engagement platform that delivers messaging experiences.
Features: Cross-channel personalization, Lifecycle engagement orchestration, Optimization & AI, Data Agility & Management.
Price: N/A.

CleverTap is a customer lifecycle management and engagement platform that drives long-term retention and growth.
Features: Audience analytics, Automated segmentation, Omnichannel engagement, Campaign optimization.
Price: N/A

GetSocial Smart Flows are aimed at automating mobile marketing efforts by creating marketing flows that engage, re-engage and retain users.
Features: Event and audience based flows, Personalization, Multiple delivery channels.
Price: Calculated based on the number of daily active users.

Airship is a customer engagement platform that helps create deeper connections with every customer.
Features: Messaging, Mobile wallet passes, Real-time data streaming, Performance analytics.
Price: N/A.

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Push notifications are one of the most attention-grabbing communication channels that can significantly improve user engagement and retention rates. Make sure you use push notifications at the right time, choose the topics that are interesting for your target audience, and of course, avoid spamming your users. 

OneSignal is a push notification platform for companies looking to improve their user engagement.
Features: A/B testing, Analytics, Personalization, Segmentation, Rich media.
Price: Free plan available.

Pushwoosh is a cross-channel marketing service for increasing customer engagement, retention and LTV.
Features: Message inbox, Personalization, In-app messaging, Deep linking, A/B tests.
Price: Free plan available.
Catapush is an API for operational push notifications for mobile applications.
Features: Push & In-app messaging, Guaranteed delivery, Status tracking, Personalization, 2Way, SMS fallback.
Price: Free trial for 12 months, €0,02 per MUAR / per month.

GetSocial Notifications tool helps drive users back by targeting them with personalized notifications.
Features: Targeted, user-to-user, social notifications, In-app notification center, Deep linking, Timezone-aware delivery, Personalization.
Price: Calculated based on the number of daily active users.

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Attribution & Deep Linking 

Mobile attribution helps to understand how users interact with the app by tracking key events with the help of deep links. Deep linking can also help you identify channels that work the best at engaging your users and maintaining your app’s market. 

AppsFlyer is a mobile ad attribution platform that allows advertisers to analyze which campaigns drive results.
Features: Mobile attribution, TV/OTT Attribution, People-Based Attribution, Uninstall attribution.
Price: Free trial for 30 days.

Branch helps companies drive seamless mobile experiences through its linking infrastructure.
: Deepviews, App to app linking, Quick links, Cohort analysis, Fraud protection.
Price: $0 / month up to 10K MAUs.

GetSocial Smart Links helps track the performance of the influencer, social media, advertisements and other marketing campaigns.
Features: Contextual deep linking and deferred deep linking, Webhooks, Tracking and attribution, Tracking and attribution, App store detection, Branded links, Retargeting.
Price: Calculated based on the number of daily active users.

Adjust is a platform that helps with mobile measurement and fraud prevention.
Features: Customizable attribution windows, View-through attribution, Deep links, Reattribution.
Price: N/A.
Kochava provides measurement tools for analytics and attribution, audience creation, business intelligence, and prevention of mobile app fraud.
Features: Deep linking, Universal links abd app links, People-based attribution.
Price: Free plan available.

Singular is a marketing intelligence platform that unifies marketing analytics, giving marketers actionable insights from previously siloed data.
Features: Smart links, Deep links & deferred deep links, View-through attribution, Flexible attribution methodology.
Price: Starts from $795/month.

Tapstream is an app marketing toolkit that powers app user acquisition and engagement.
Features: Onboarding links, Mobile attribution, Event tracking.
Price: Starts from $199/month.

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Acquisition & Retargeting 

A properly set up user acquisition strategy focuses on reaching out to the target audience and generating more app downloads. Retargeting is an effective way of re-engaging lost users and acquiring new ones. 

Liftoff is a one stop shop for programmatic user acquisition and re-engagement.
Features: Ad optimization, A/B testing, Personalization, Audience estimator for retargeting, Product feed retargeting.
Price: N/A.

Jampp is a performance marketing platform for retargeting mobile customers.
Features: Creatives labs, Dynamic product ads, Automation, Fraud prevention.
Price: N/A.

Adikteev combines immersive mobile experiences with effective app retargeting strategies.
Features: Incrementality measurement, Interactive & playable ads, Dynamic creative optimisation.
Price: N/A.

Applift is a mobile ad tech company that empowers businesses by creating the next-generation platform.
Features: Lookalike audience, ROI-optimization algorithms, Fraud detection and prevention, Dynamic audience segmentation.
Price: N/A.

Apptentive boosts customer acquisition by activating fans on mobile channels to gain new customers.
Features: Ratings & reviews, Message center, Notes & actions, Sentiment analysis.
Price: N/A.

GetSocial Smart Invites help increase organic app installs with referral marketing.
Features: Share invites through various channels, Reward users for referrals, Tracking and analytics, Personalized onboarding, Influencer identification.
Price: Calculated based on the number of daily active users.

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If you are looking to expand your SDK and integrate tools from other categories, e.g. Testing & Beta Testing, Authentication, Mapping, Monetization, Analytics, etc. download our Ultimate SDK Guide 2020 and save many hours of research!