June 14 2016

This is part 2 of a series of posts regarding the benefits of adding a social feature in your app. In our previous post, we mentioned how important it is to keep the millennials engaged if you want your app to grow sustainably. Now we are going to explain the benefits of having an activity feed in-app.

As the world goes digital and the number of internet users increases by the day, you would have noticed the rise of another channel where people communicate very actively – forums. Activity feeds are an in-app forum wherein you and your users can post comments as well as keep track on what’s new.

While there are social apps that make heavy use of this feature, there are many games and other applications that are still skeptical about its benefits. So we did our little bit of testing of social features in applications and found the following pros of using activity feeds in apps:

The Benefits Of Activities Feeds

1. It gives you access to first hand feedback to improve your app further

The activity feed is that forum where you and your users can interact regularly. This interaction gives you access to first hand feedback from your users. You are able to better understand how they are using the app, where they are facing a problem, what they expect more from it and how you can improve it further for them. Nothing better than user or target market insights to build your product!

2. It makes customer support all the more easier

While gathering feedback from your users, you’re probably going to stumble across a few (or maybe more) complaints. Activity feeds give you the opportunity to resolve the issue by offering timely support without the user having to take the frustration to social media or any other channel. In simpler words, you’re able to tackle all user related concerns internally, without letting your competition tap into it.

“About 44% of users prefer getting their concerns resolved while they are in the middle of using the app, rather than having to switch mediums and come back later.”

Making Proactive Chat Work

For instance, Adventure Smash has a lot of users requesting tips to overcome hard levels. More experienced players jump in to help!


Adventure Smash

3. It makes personalized recommendations a possibility

Not every user has the same way of interacting with your app. Hence, it is not necessary that he converts on your general in-app purchase promotions. Since activity feeds let you know how a user is interacting with your app, it gives you the ability to understand his behavior better and accordingly suggest or recommend in-app purchases. The data you gather from user activity feeds can be used to create effective personalized campaigns that don’t feel like a general shot in the dark! The higher the personalization, the more are the conversions.

For instance, Glu’s Front Line Commando 2 uses the activity feed to promote special offers to help users overcome challenge, based on here in the game the user is struggling.


Front Line Commando 2

4. It makes broadcast announcements a possibility

It is practically impossible to make an announcement reach each of your app’s users. A post on social media might not appear on his feed and an email might not be opened for days – pumping in money to promote announcements regarding the app, isn’t always feasible. Activity feeds give you the ability to broadcast messages – be it even a quick update on new features. This helps establish the rapport of someone who is transparent with his users and helps form better bonds with them.

5. It makes measuring user reactions easy

Continuing on the point above, when you make broadcast announcements, you’re bound to get reactions – positive and negative. On activity feeds, you can immediately see how the users are reacting to an announcement. You can measure the success of it in terms of likes and comments – this also gives you a chance to make the users better understand something new on the app, by getting their announcement reaction before going live with that feature.


Ruzzle Adventure

6. It makes the interaction between users easy

Notice how easy it is to like a friend’s picture on Facebook and drop a comment on an article you liked? The ease of the platform when it comes to interacting with others is what draws you back to it. GetSocial activity feeds enable you to do the same in your app. It lets users track what others are doing, like or comment on their activity and interact socially. This also keeps them engaged in the app much longer.

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Over to you

Activity feeds have the potential to turn your app into the new socialising channel for mobile users, without compromising on its other functionalities. Thereby, keeping the users on your app longer, increasing the engagement rates and helping you optimize your monetization strategy better!

Have you used activity feeds in your app yet or need ideas on how you can use it?