PocApp Studios creates fun and entertaining games for iOS and Android users. A fairly new studio based in Skovde, Sweden, PocApp consists of 7 game developers who love playing funky apps and are very data driven in keeping their users engaged.

The average rate of churn that most apps face in 3 months from acquisition, is almost 80%. But PocApp Studios has kept their users engaged and has improved their retention rates by 10% using GetSocial.

So we decided to have a quick chat session with Tim Holmboe, the Co-Founder and head of analytics of PocApp to share how they have been competing with the growing app market competition.

1. Tell us a little about yourself and PocApp Studios? 

I’m the Co-Founder and a developer at PocApp Studios. I started the studio in “college” about 2 years ago along with a couple of friends with the goal to take over the world with our cute cat games!

So far we’ve released 2 games with our third title – Castle Cats – currently in development on Google Play Early Access.

2. Would you like to share a little about one of your most recent projects? 

Castle Cats is an idle-management cat collector adventure where the player takes the role of a guild leader in order to defeat the ultimate enemy – The Evil Pugomancer! I promise, it makes perfect sense. You have to see our Beta trailer!

3. What do you think are the biggest challenges most apps face? 

What and how to provide something truly unique and exciting in a terribly crowded marketplace to stand out and keep players from abandoning your game in favor of another new, shiny title.

Thousands of games are released on iOS each week and Apple only features around 12-15 of those in the Best New Games section.

Ergo the chance of your game being noticed is extremely low – if you don’t have a strong and sustainable marketing plan, your game will definitely have a hard time getting any downloads. But most importantly – even if you manage to receive a high amount of downloads the biggest challenge is to provide something truly unique and exciting that your players can fall in love with!

If they don’t love your game you simply can’t expect them to play it or continue using it when games like PokemonGo come in.

4. We heard you had some great tricks up your sleeve to overcome the biggest app challenges – user engagement and retention. Would you like to share some of those with us?

Of course! We’ve had some time to iterate and combine different methods that work pretty well in Castle Cats:

1) We strive to engage with our fans on a regular basis through various campaigns. For instance hosting events in-game with special quests and cats.

2) We combine those efforts with our social media channels by having exclusive giveaway and competitions.

facebookevent pocapp studios

3) We also included a pretty straightforward daily calendar with rewards that can only be acquired if players the players remain active in the game. Keeps them motivated!

pocapp studios - calendar

We care a lot about our games and our community – both in-game and offline. Increased user engagement and retention is just hard proof that we have been able to show them we care and our games are meant for them!

5. Has implementing GetSocial Activity Feeds helped you communicate with users any better? 

Enabling players to share their accomplishments in the game, chat with each other and also converse with us as well as our in-game characters, the Activity Feed has helped us build a strong community in Castle Cats.   

pocapp studios activity feed

For example, in the beginning, we had to assist every player that ran into issues personally. But after a while we noticed players helping each other out on the feed before we even got to it. The Castle Cats players are from all over the world; their response time to a question is 10X faster than what ours could ever be!

It’s a dream come true since our goal with using GetSocial was to enable our community to grow organically and boost user engagement.

6. Lastly, when it comes to keeping users engaged and retaining them in a competitive app market, what are the tips you would like to share?

1) Always be active on social media and communicate actively with your users. One of our most popular cat-heroes even has his own Twitter account which has been great fun both for us and for our fans. Don’t believe us? Check out his account – @francisthemage.

francistwitter cover

2) Use push notifications to touch base with your users often and encourage app sessions. For example, we always use it to notify players when quests are completed, when we are hosting giveaways and are offering discounts on our in-app purchases. Push-Notifications need to be useful to the player to not be disregarded, so focus on personalization as much as possible.

3) Customer support is very important. Interact with your users and listen to their feedback. Make them feel that their contributions are essential for your game and you’ll see them get more involved with it. And first-hand feedback will only help you improve your game!

4) Implement GetSocial Activity Feeds to enable players to connect with like minded people. Even if your game is single-player, you won’t believe how having a community of users can keep them thoroughly engaged with your game!

After speaking to Tim, we’re certain of one hack for apps to grow sustainably in this competitive market – user engagement

It is no longer just about offering great features or an interesting game play. If you want them to not abandon your app or game when trends like PokemonGo storm in, engage with your users actively and keep giving them reasons to choose you over others. 

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