App developers know too well the reality of today’s app market: CPI is at an all-time-high and rising, and being featured in app-store’s top ranked apps is only a distant dream for most developers. Social media, which was a free promotion platform, is now too crowded for app developers to be able to promote themselves and stand out.

So where should an app developer turn to, to be able to get quality user acquisition without going bankrupt?

Well that is exactly the goal of the new ebook that we have released: Mobile user acquisition tactics you can’t ignore! In this fresh ebook you’ll learn how to:

  • Prepare your app for user acquisition.
  • Learn how to get high quality users with little to no marketing spend.
  • Set-up user acquisition tactics that create viral loops.

This ebook is the result of GetSocial’s experience addressing User Acquisition challenges, and it reveals a unique solution that is already being used by the likes of Glu, Tribeflame, PeopleFun, Hutch and many more.

It also features a very handy checklist that will help you cover all the needed steps when setting up a successful viral loop.

Be sure not to miss out!