We’re excited to announce the recent release of another key partner of GetSocial, MMX Racing by Hutch Games.

MMX Racing has had huge successes since it’s initial release and has recently been featured on both the iOS and Android stores in recent weeks. In the most recent update, this high adrenaline monster truck racing title has integrated GetSocials Smart Invites to organically acquire new users, and Activity Feeds to better engage and retain their users.

Since the official launch 2 weeks ago, we’ve seen constant conversations within the activity feed, where players have been chatting, challenging and showing off their latest scores. Also, if you’re lucky enough to make it through to the multiplayer elite league, you can also join in the exclusive ELITE chat room where you can meet other hardcore MMX Racing players.

As well as player chat, players have been inviting many of their friends to come and join in the action using GetSocials Smart Invites feature. It’s proved successful so far that social can drive great results to a mobile game.

“We believe in the future of connected mobile gaming, where a player can instantly share, connect and challenge their peers and engage on a new level that extends loyalty and awareness.”

– Sean Rutland, CEO, Hutch Games

Come and join us on MMX Racing