Launching a new app is always an exciting and nerve-wracking experience no matter how many times you’ve done it. Nail your next launch and get more downloads with these 14 tips. 

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Build Pre-Launch Buzz

Set up a pre-launch website for your app with a form to collect emails from interested users. Offer a chance for users to get advanced notice of the release in exchange for contact information. This gives you a head start on building your email list for future app promotion.

Even a simple one-pager will do the trick like this landing page from 80:

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Be sure to include your social media handles so you can build your social following as well.

Once the site is set up, there are a ton of ways to drive traffic to it like using Google AdWords or creating your own pre-launch content.

Know the Market

Research your intended audience. Discover what problems they face and how you can pitch your app as a solution. Create “personas” of ideal customers, and write your app promotion messages as if you were addressing them personally.

As you create a marketing plan, look at similar or competing apps so that you can differentiate yours from what’s already out there.

Start Soft

You don’t have to launch the full version of your app right away. Taking it slow with a basic, minimal offering gives you time to gauge the reaction of your target audience and ensure the features work correctly.

When you’re ready for a full launch, choose a smaller area for a “soft” release. Collect feedback and put the finishing touches on the app before launching the final version to a wider audience.

Try to leverage new technology to help secure a spot in the featured section of the app store for extra exposure. For example, when Apple unveiled their new 3D Touch technology, apps that were quick to use 3D Touch in their interface were often awarded a slot in the “featured’ section.

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Get Ready to Promote

Send your app off to journalists, bloggers, and other reviewers to jump-start your PR before the app launch. Include a press kit with screenshots or videos of the app in use, a complete list of features and a short blurb about you and your business.

Briefly explain why you created the app to “hook” media influencers and increase the likelihood of getting reviews at launch time. Schedule the official release well away from other important events in your industry to maximize visibility.

Rule the App Store

All the app promotion in the world won’t get you any downloads unless your app store page looks inviting and professional. Include screenshots of all major functions, and create a unique icon to distinguish your app from competitors.

Optimize the page for search with a keyword-rich title and description. If possible, get a few reviews in advance from beta testers or people participating in your soft launch to improve the credibility of your marketing message.

Once you’ve built up some buzz around your app launch, keep the momentum going with a continued promotion. Read feedback from users, and make tweaks to improve function and performance.

Above all else, just make sure your app kicks ass as much as possible. The better you can make your app, the more downloads and exposure it will get – it’s that simple.

Author Bio

Josh Kocaurek (ko-sore-ick) is the Toronto born founder of Appsposure – a marketing agency specializing in getting apps more downloads using ASO, conversion optimization, paid ads, and PR. He’s worked with publishers ranging from indie devs to studios with 150 million+ downloads to help get their apps as many installs as possible. Click here to read his latest post where he shows you how to get more downloads with over 100 different app marketing strategies.