With games like PokemonGo coming in like a hurricane and sweeping away most of the mobile market, keeping app users engaged is becoming way too challenging. Now you can’t keep a user from following the trends, but you could definitely remain interesting as ever to him. Right? Well, in this post we’re going to share how you can turn your game as fancy as Fancy Cats!  

If you’re a cat lover and love solving puzzles, you’ve probably heard of Fancy Cats already. The game is all about teaching your adorable cats different tricks to get through various puzzles. It is a perfect mix of a cute game and one that will keep your mind ticking.

But how is it that Fancy Cats is keeping its users engaged even when games like PokemonGo come and go?

Well, we have some answers.

Tried and tested tricks to boost user engagement

It’s obvious – the more your users remain engaged, the lower are your churn rates. But the only way to keep your users engaged in a game is to constantly deliver a great experience, keep up the gamification and of course, engage with them on a regular basis.

Here are a few tricks that the adorable cats use to keep their users engaged:

Don’t let the competition die out

The only way for a game to survive the app market competition, is gamification. Don’t let the competition between your users die out. For instance, Fancy Cats makes use of GetSocial Activity Feeds for effective gamification on a daily basis. This lets a user see what others are doing, what levels they have reached and the tactics they have used for the same. The need to move ahead of them, is definitely going to get you more app sessions!

fancy cats activity feeds
Keep a close watch on your friends with Activity Feed

What’s more? Well they use the activity feed to also broadcast messages to their users. Be it new features, tips from the makers and experts, game updates and more – and who would want to miss out on that?

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Reach out to them every now and then

Gamification will definitely keep your users engaged, but regular communication will make sure they come back for more app sessions. Using push notifications, reach out to your users with quick updates on what their friends have achieved in the app, create a sense of urgency that would make him want to click through and reach your app. Personalize and make your push notification message as much as possible, of course!

fancy cats push notification
Push notification sent by Fancy Cats to its users

Think push notifications are too nosey? Well think about the number of times PokemonGo sent localised notifications to its users to bring them back to the app to catch the nearest Pokemon!

pokemongo_push_notificationPush notifications sent by PokemonGo to engage users

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Make it easy for them to catch up with friends

One of the most important things that most games miss out on is their user’s need to interact with his friends and family. A typical mobile user makes use of chat apps through the day, at regular intervals. This only means he is going to abandon your game for a while as he chats up with his circle. That’s exactly why it is important for games to cater to socialising.

Using in-app chats you can let your users interact with their friends without having to leave the game mid-way. Yes, no more switching apps, longer engagement and definitely longer sessions.

fancy cats in-app chatIn-app chat to let you catch up with friends while gaming

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And definitely easier for them to invite their friends

Continuing on our point above – if you need to make it easier for them to catch up with friends, you need to make it easier for them to get them to your app as well! That’s where having a robust in-app referral program comes in.

For example, Fancy Cats uses the GetSocial Smart Invites to make it easier for their users to invite their friends. They can use popular social channels to send out invites or simply use chat apps like WhatsApp, Kik and others to do so.

fancy_friendsInviting friends made easy using Smart Invites

The easier it is, the more friends they invite to your app! Talk about smart user acquisition, right?

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Focus on an in-app conversion while you have their attention

Most smartphone users are looking for free apps. They convert on an in-app purchase only if they see value in it. An in-app purchase means a longer commitment to the app.

But a typical user is more likely to look for a free option from the hundreds of apps in the market. So while you have a user’s attention, make sure you focus on converting him. Be it using dynamic pricing or using his social circle to influence his in-app purchases, understand the user journey and target him with personalized campaigns at the right time.

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The only way for games to maintain their market in the competitive app world is to remain ‘fancy’ for its users.

By fancy, we mean highly engaging and interactive for the user.

If it’s engaging, you can be sure that no trend will ever take your market away – the only thing you need to ensure apart from creating a good in-app experience, is keeping your users thoroughly engaged right from the point of acquisition!

Need another example of keeping users engaged?

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