January 5 2017

Also known as remarketing, retargeting is a popular marketing and advertising tactic that helps businesses stay visible in front of people who have shown some kind of interest in them. Whether they have visited their website or used their app once, retargeting is an effective way of re-engaging lost users as well as acquiring new ones. In this post, we’re going to take a look at how GetSocial can help apps retarget their users.

Understanding what retargeting is

Retargeting ads are a form of advertising only to people who have previously shown interest in or interacted with your business. For instance, all the smartphone users who have visited your app’s landing page but not downloaded the app or all the users who downloaded the app, but never got around to using it.

Since these are people who have interest in what you have to offer, these advertisements have a higher conversion rate when compared to others.

Here’s how retargeting works:



Getting started with retargeting

A number of studies over time have suggested high churn rates for many apps across different industries within a month of user acquisition. Most of these users either become inactive or lose interest and delete the app altogether.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get their attention back.

The fact is, that not every user explores all the features of your app. There could be those who dropped off after the very first session and never got to the best part of it. And there could be those who didn’t know where to find or how to use the best feature of your app. Letting these users go away – who still have interest in what you offer, but don’t know all about it, is letting business go.

This is where retargeting steps in.

Technology advances like in-app attribution and device tracking, now enables marketers to re-engage their app’s users with retargeting ads.

Be it a loyal user who is actively interacting with the app on a regular basis or a dormant user who hasn’t had too many sessions post download – with retargeting ads marketers can engage users of all kinds in different ways, that are more likely to get a response from them.

This is important for developers because a conversion when the user is still interested is more likely to happen, than when he has lost interest or is just getting introduced to the app.

retargeting ads statistics


The conversions for mobile retargeting are 13 times higher than desktop retargeting and get 46% more click throughs as well. Making it almost imperative for apps to focus on retargeting their target users for better marketing and growth.

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While social media channels make website visitor retargeting really easy, it is the app developers who face a challenge catching hold of their users across different digital platforms.

GetSocial assists developers with app retargeting via its smart invite technology. It lets the developer add a tracking pixel (via Google tag manager) when users click on an invite link they receive from their friends. This allows app developers to run retargeting campaigns on social media and other networks with advertisements that showcase different aspects of the app the user has shown interest in. Such campaigns perform better, since your app has already been endorsed by their friends.


How can apps use retargeting?

You must be wondering how you could use retargeting like those online stores, who keep showing you the products you once browsed through till you buy them. But we got some ideas already and each one is definitely worth trying.

1. Encourage them for another session

Sometimes users simply drop off because they don’t feel motivated enough to continue doing what the app has to offer. In this case, you need to understand at what point do they lose interest and turn it into a retargeting campaign that encourages them for another session. For instance, if you have a fitness app, you could retarget a user showing him how he could burn more calories or track the number of steps he takes in a day using your app.

2. Let them know what others are doing

Creating a community of users is a smart strategy to keep them engaged with the app. Using the community aspect to keep users motivated, create a retargeting campaign that lets them know what others are up to or are gaining while others are away. For instance, if your app lets users earn money by completing small tasks, you could retarget them with an ad that shows how ‘Joe earned $100 in one week’!

3. Share a new feature

Based on how the user has been interacting with your app – the features he has used, those he is not able to understand and those he has left unexplored, create a retargeting campaign that introduces him to something new. Share a feature or aspect of one that will add more value to him and improve his experience with the app. Knowing that the app has more to offer than what a user has already used or seen in the app description, will instantly pull him back to explore it.

4. Offer them content

Content marketing is for everyone – even for apps. So irrespective of the industry you are in, analyse what kind of content your users are looking for and engaging with on the internet. Incorporate the content in your app and create a retargeting campaign that either leads them to an in-app page or nudges them to download the app, if they already haven’t.

5. Run a referral campaign

Most users drop off when they can’t get access to a paid feature in an app for free. Their search for free usually leads them to looking for another app with similar features. A great way to battle this churn is to run a referral campaign. Use a retargeting ad to let the users – existing and potential, know how they can access your paid features by simply sharing it with their friends. You won’t just re-engage your target users, but also grow your app’s user base exponentially.

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Retargeting ad campaigns are more effective than any other advertising tactics. Since these are targeted at people who have shown an inclination towards what the business has to offer, they have a higher click through and conversion rates.

All you need to make sure, is that you put your best foot forward while advertising!

Have you used retargeting in your marketing campaigns yet?