GetSocial was set out to be a complete solution to drive viral user acquisition and social engagement to help mobile developers with sustainable growth. Acquisition features, namely Smart Invites and Smart Links, made it easy for app developers to drive organic installs through incentivized in-app referrals and measure the performance of their marketing promotions. Whereas engagement features, Social Graph and Activity Feeds, increased retention by creating loyal in-app community and growing user’s social connections inside the app.  

Today we are introducing Smart Targeting – a new re-engagement tool to segment and target your users based on their in-app behavior and deliver targeted push notifications to each segment.

Smart Targeting in GetSocial ecosystem

According to the research, click-through rates on push notifications can be 50% higher than on emails. A total 68% of users have enabled push notifications for their apps and these messages promote a 92% higher mobile app retention rate. They remind users, in myriad ways, to use the app – whether the app is open or not.

The key challenge is to deliver relevant content at the right time to the right audience. Smart Targeting achieves this through:

User Segmentation (Smart Audiences): create segments based on user properties and in-app events to send tailored notifications.

Localization: localize notification message to any of the 24 supported languages, and GetSocial takes care of delivering the correct translation.

Smart delivery: nobody wants to receive a push notification at 2 AM. Smart delivery will automatically group users by their timezones and send the notification at the specified time in their timezone.

Where to start?

Use Smart Targeting to notify all your users about in-app content updates. Or create a segment to send notifications about special events, discounts, contests or ask for feedback about your product.

For instance, to re-engage dormant app influencers you can create an audience with users who successfully invited 5+ friends and had their last session more than a week ago and send them a message like “Your friends are missing you. Here’s…[a strong incentive for coming back]”.