Launching an app is a huge part of the hard work, but doing proper marketing for it can be even harder. Luckily, there are numerous marketing tools you could use to build a strong app marketing campaign. And one strategy you should try is using funny and weird content in your app marketing strategies.

Here’s what we have in mind.

1. Create Funny Memes

Original memes that people can relate to will boost your marketing strategy and bring more engagement

Here is how you can create memes for your app marketing campaign.

Firstly, you should get to know what kind of memes appeal to your target audience the most. Due to the subjective nature of humor, it is important to know your audience well, their tastes, what they are likely to respond to, and what can offend them. 

This is where your buyer personas come into play. Take a look at them and make an educated guess regarding the life situations your users can relate to. Then, research trends to define topics that will evoke positive emotions in your audience.

Basically, your memes don’t have to be funny to everyone. They should be funny to your target audience only. For instance, if your app will be used mostly by competitive athletes, you should choose a joke that will appeal to them. If other people do not understand the joke, that will be totally fine.

Here is the list of the meme generators you can use to design memes:

  • Adobe Spark Meme Generator
  • Imgflip Meme Generator
  • Kapwing Meme Generator
  • Meme Creator
  • Mematic

The fun fact is that meme apps also use memes to promote their services. Here is an example of how Mematic uses a meme to engage the audience. You can create similar memes to get your app noticed.


2. Make Weird Videos

Ordinary videos will not help you to draw the users’ attention to your app. People have used to short explanatory videos and whiteboard videos – they do not pay much attention to them. 

Therefore, if you want to succeed, you should think outside the box and create videos that are weird, controversial, and funny. You should create something that will be memorable to everyone.

There is no step-by-step guide that can help you come up with a fun video idea. Here you need to rely on your imagination and creativity skills. 

If you need some inspiration, search for “weirdest commercials” on YouTube and watch videos from different countries and in different languages. I bet you will find “marketing masterpieces” that will blow your mind and motivate you to create similar content.

Do you want to watch a weird video right now? Watch this one. Poo-Pourri is a company that sells fragrant sprays for toilets. It based its entire marketing strategy on weird, funny videos. And guess what? Poo-Pourri’s content went viral on social media, and the company reached a wide audience. You can use the same approach to boost your app marketing strategy.

If you feel like you need some professional assistance, find experts in writing scripts for weird and funny videos. You can use writing services to get adequate support and start working on your content production.

Here is a list of good topics for a weird marketing video:

  • Addiction to modern technologies
  • Millennials’ habits
  • Childhood memories
  • Common flaws
  • Embarrassing moments
  • Social media vs. real life
  • First job interview, first date, first guitar lesson – choose something relevant to your niche

Keep in mind that there are some controversial topics that you should avoid:

  • Politics
  • Racism
  • Religion
  • Gun control
  • Abortion

3. Include Taboo Topics

One of the biggest challenges of content marketing is the lack of new topics to discuss. Sometimes, it feels like other brands have already covered all popular topics, and there is no sense to create content that repeats the same ideas. 

But the truth is that there are still many topics to discuss. For instance, taboo topics – things that people always think about but never talk about.

Any taboo theme can boost your marketing strategy. So try to detect taboo themes that relate to your target audience and use them in your articles, videos, and social media posts.

Let’s say you promote a mental health app. What taboo topics would you discuss? Psychological triggers of schizophrenia, suicidal thoughts, long term effects of child sexual abuse, etc.

Or, let’s consider another example. What taboo topics would you cover if you market a period tracker app? Prevention of pregnancy after rape, consequences of hepatitis, etc.

You may suppose that since such topics have a “negative” context, they will not work well for content marketing purposes. But the truth is that if you present them the right way, you will make your content stand out and increase reach and engagement.

Take a look at this example. Calm is an app for sleep and meditation. It creates content that covers not only “positive” topics like self-love and happy family relationships but also “negative” topics such as depression and anxiety. And that’s the right marketing strategy for the app – it allows Calm to build customer trust and authority.

4. Be Completely Random

Basically, if you want your app marketing strategy to work effectively, you shouldn’t focus on one type of content only. You should experiment with different topics and humor styles to keep the engagement high. 

We live in an era of content overload, where people get used to one type of content really quickly. So if you keep creating similar content, your target audience will lose interest in your app.

Companies that use random content to make people smile have the highest chances to succeed in the long run. Let’s take a look at one good example.

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistance tool. If you check its account on Instagram, you will see how diverse its feed is. It offers so many different types of posts – funny TikTok videos, puzzles, witty quotes, and many more. It’s not a big surprise that Grammarly has a loyal, engaged audience.

It might be challenging for one person to create diverse content. So the best solution here is to hire a team of experts with different approaches to work or to use top writing services – choose whatever works for you.

5. Use Black Humor

Black humor is not for everyone. However, in some cases, it can work as a secret marketing weapon. 

If you know that your target audience has positive attitudes toward black humor, you can leverage that in your marketing strategy. You can add dark jokes to make your content one of a kind and attract new users to your app.

Those brands that nailed the art of using black humor have achieved outstanding results.

Have you seen Panda Cheese commercials on YouTube? That’s a great example of how one can leverage black humor to win the audience’s attention.

The chances are, your competitors don’t dare to use black humor in their app marketing strategies. So you will be the only one who uses such an approach to content marketing – your content will stand out from the pack.

Just keep in mind that you should test jokes deliberately. If your team members or users say that the joke is offensive, tasteless, or evil, you shouldn’t use it. Be careful and don’t cross the line between a “good dark joke” and an “offensive joke.”

6. Funny Surveys and Quizzes 

Modern users do love interactive content and laughable interactive content in particular. Therefore, you should consider including your target audience in a funny survey that asks weird questions and makes them laugh.

People will like you if you make them laugh, the psychologists say. And people will like your brand and remember your app’s name if you entertain them with the proper laughable content.

What do you need to create a funny survey?

  • Understanding of the interests and preferences of your target audience.
  • Great sense of humor. 
  • High creativity skills.
  • Understanding of how to use call-to-actions.

To boost your app marketing strategy, you should encourage users to share the results of your weird survey on social media. It will help you to make your survey go viral online and maximize your marketing efforts. 

We highly suggest you use a proper social media management tool to track the performance of your interactive content. That will help you to optimize your strategy and focus on content that works for your app the best.

5 Things to Consider when Using Weird and Funny Content

Well-designed weird and funny content always works well if used right. So don’t be afraid to try out new approaches to content production. And do your best to create a piece of content that will amaze your target audience.

To achieve the best results, keep these five things in mind.

Brand consistency

Whatever content you create, you should keep your brand consistent. Your brand’s tone of voice should sound the same in your articles, videos, and social media posts.

If you haven’t defined your brand tone of voice yet, you should do it right now. Otherwise, users will not be able to distinguish your app and your content from your competitors. 

Cultural diversity

Keep in mind that you should show respect for people from other cultures. You can’t use jokes that some people can find offensive – that will set mobile users against you. 

If you target a global audience, you should write “neutral” jokes that will be understandable to people with different backgrounds. Well, it’s a hard job to come up with a joke that will appeal to everyone, but that’s exactly what you need to do to achieve big marketing success.

Target audience research

If you don’t have a clear understanding of who your audience is, what preferences it has, DON’T spend money on weird content production. Invest in target audience research first. If you create funny content that doesn’t relate to your target audience, it will do you more harm than good.


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Expert help

If you have no previous experience in creating weird and funny content, don’t feel ashamed to get professional help. It will allow you to avoid big mistakes and prevent your app marketing strategy from failure. 

Focus on trends

All content you create must be relevant to the current events and trends. If you write a joke about the event that has happened this morning – your content will generate high engagement. But if you write a joke about the event that took place three years ago – mobile users will find your content outdated and not that funny.

Do you want to take your app marketing strategy to the next level? Watch trends and ensure that all your posts are relevant.

Wrapping it up

Creating weird and funny content for your app marketing strategy is always a risk but could significantly improve your engagement and overall results. Use your creativity and some testing to see which content works best for your target audience.