Acquiring new players and engaging them is getting tougher by the day. You don’t just need to battle it out on digital platforms for attention, but also keep engaged players from churning out. As app marketers and developers continually seek ways to optimize their growth while keeping players engaged, we decided to work on a little hack ourselves – introducing GIF capturing and sharing. You can find the library on Github.

Capture player’s game experiences

You may have seen social media posts from friends who are actively engaged with a game. They often share screenshots from the game, to show a level they just completed, or a new high score that they just set, or a challenge they won. With GIF capturing, GetSocial is taking sharing of positive gaming experience to another level!

With GIF capturing, GetSocial is enabling mobile game developers to record a player’s gameplay. The feature allows a player the chance to record their game session and share their experience within the game’s community and their friends.

Here’s what a typical GIF capture and playback would look like.


Identifying and capturing shareable moments

The AHA moment for every player is different and it is absolutely impossible for you to jump in at the right time to record it. That’s why GetSocial’s GIF recording library supports two different ways to record the gameplay:

1. Continuous mode

With this time-based recording, you can record certain frames between the start and stop of an event. You can configure the number of frames to be recorded based on the triggers and milestones within the game, that you want to take a sneak peek at. This one’s useful for games where timing is crucial, like action games.   

2. Manual mode

The manual mode of GIF capturing records one frame at a time based on what you specify. This mode is useful for games where player moves tend to be different each time – such as those in board games, puzzle games, etc.

Making GIFs shareable

Recording the players AHA moment or enabling them to do this themselves, is just the first step. The only way to leverage this unique piece of content is to make the GIF easily shareable.

With GIF sharing, you give your player a chance to create unique content for your game, that is exclusive to them. They can share their gameplay in their circle and challenge their friends to come up with a better strategy to unlock a new level or beat their high score. The interactiveness of the content instantly hooks the attention of other players, engaging them for another session and potential players who are intrigued by the gameplay, leading them to download your game.

Imagine if you had to first record, then save and then send something manually to your friends. You’d probably share it twice, but then give up simply because it is inconvenient. That’s why along with the easy recording, we also made sure it is easy to leverage the other features of GetSocial to enable sharing:

1. Easy sharing with Smart Invites

Enable your players to easily share their gameplay with friends and family, across their preferred communication channel. Supporting all social platforms and popular chat apps like the Messenger, WhatsApp and others, GetSocial Smart Invites makes GIF sharing a matter of just a few clicks. A recommendation to download the game from a friend and the shared gameplay, makes a captivating content for the recipient, increasing the conversion to installs.


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2. Sharing with the in-game community on Activity Feeds

According to a survey by Facebook, players are 2.7X more likely to stay in-game if they feel like a part of the in-app community. In fact, they are even 2X more likely to continue playing the game if their social connections are around. That’s the power of community and that’s why we enabled GIF sharing with Activity Feeds to make community conversations more interesting.  

Apart from the players sharing their own gameplay with their network, even you can use the feature to share hacks with the entire community to complete a difficult level. Simply put, GIF sharing on the activity feeds can increase your game’s social engagement.


3. GIF sharing with push notifications (coming soon on iOS)

Push notifications continue to remain one of the most effective ways to communicate with players – both active and inactive. In fact, they have proven to boost the app engagement rate by a whopping 88%. GIF sharing on push notifications are sure to make these messages even more interactive and engaging.

This is obviously all set to increase the re-engagement and retention of your games, as players pull their friends in with more meaningful, personalized and rich push notifications. Your players record a GIF of their gameplay and use that to challenge their friends by sending them a challenge notification with a GIF.


Getting started with GIF capturing

Getting started with GIF capturing is actually easier than it seems. In fact, we launched our own GIF capturing library software for Unity projects to GitHub.

With the open source project, you get full access to the source code to further modify and use it in any way you like for the game. Apart from the easy plug and play to enable you to record your player’s gameplay, GIF capturing and sharing can then be used to further boost your game virality strategies using other GetSocial features.

Ready to give your game a shot at virality with better player engagement?