We are proud to announce the new major SDK release 5.0, codename Chipotle! This blog post will go through all the new features and what you need to know about this new fresh SDK by GetSocial.

A lot of overhaul was done under the hood.Our tech gurus have rebuilt and improved most of the features, making it now even easier to integrate GetSocial into your game and enjoy a highly scalable SDK.We will also go more in-depth regarding the new backend that allowed this major architectural improvement in our blog, so be sure to subscribe to keep tuned.



Highly Scalable Chat: Completely rebuilt, client and server side, making it more reliable and ready to scale to millions of DAU!


Presence: Private chat, friend’s list, and conversation list UI now support online and offline presence out-of-the-box. No additional coding required.


Improved User Management: You can safely use your own custom authentication method and use your existing user IDs. We have also introduced the concept of anonymous users.


Intercepting Actions: Every action on GetSocial SDK can now be intercepted, which allows you to reward users for social actions, perform custom tasks on the background and even block certain actions! Read more.


Sticky Activity: Pin your post to the top of Activity feed to get maximum reach. When posting activities from the developer portal, you can choose to make your post sticky for a given schedule.


Easier integration forAndroid: GetSocial Android SDK is now available via Bintray repositories. Now you can just add one line of code to build.gradle and you are ready to GetSocial.

Availablefor new platforms


Cordova available in private-beta: Full Cordova support is an upcoming feature of the upcoming GetSocial’s SDK. Contact us if you want to be an early adopter.


Added Swift Support: GetSocial’s documentation is now updated to also include Swift code blocks so you can also easily integrate GetSocial SDK on your Swift app.

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