Trending Feature for Topics, Groups, Activities, and Hashtags 

Our new Trending Feature allows for greater functionality of Activity Feeds. Now you can do more by identifying what topics, groups, activities or hashtags are trending in your community.

This makes onboarding users to the community much easier by enabling them to discover what’s trending. The trending topics they can follow, the trending groups they can be members of.

You can also enable your users to discover trending content by showing them a trending view of their timeline or any topic/group feeds instead of just a recent view. Users can also discover trending hashtags and view all activities that use such hashtags.

It also opens up a wonderful opportunity for marketers to understand what content is getting the most interest from the community based on their interactions.


How is trending calculated?

Whenever a user posts an activity it starts off with a base score which gets boosted for every interaction that the post gets. So every reaction and comment will boost the score and push the content up in the trending view. There is a time decay built into this so over time the score will decay and the content will no longer be trending if it stops getting interactions. We are also working towards exposing some of the score elements so you can modify the score. This scoring also impacts the hashtags that are part of the post.

Topics and Groups also have similar time decay-based scoring where activities, comments, and reactions in the topics and groups push the score up. The score is also boosted for topics when a user follows a topic, and for groups when a user becomes a member.

Trending feature is available for Android, iOS, and Unity on native SDK7.  

Trusted Identities

With our custom identities, customers had the ability to authenticate users on their system and add unique users id to the GetSocial as custom identities. When customers added custom identities through our mobile SDKs our system would implicitly trust this information and as such, it was not the most secure way of adding identities. To address this we have added an additional level of security by validating these identities i.e. Trusted Identities.

Trusted identity is a custom identity that is added using a signed JSON Web Token. To add a trusted identity, you would generate, in your backend, a signed JWT using your App’s shared secret available in the GetSocial Dashboard. This enables GetSocial to verify and trust the ID you are setting. 

Learn more about trusted identities in our documentation

Other Updates 

  • Custom events and purchase events can now be tracked using our Flutter SDK.
  • Push notification analytics for Smart Flows are now plotted by day so you can see the performance over time.
  • The poll feature is now available for ReactNative, Unity, and Flutter.
  • Several bug fixes. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at If you’re new to GetSocial and would like to grow your mobile app, book a demo call with us to explore our platform!