In our recent product update, we have focused on improving our Community features like Groups, Feed Analytics, HTTP API and webhook for feeds, notifications for post announcement, and rate limiting for feeds. In addition to that, we have added more flexibility to our moderation feature, added integration with Clevertap, and expanded our SDKs to React Native and Flutter.  Read more below.

1. Community: Group feature* 

With GetSocial Activity Feeds you can build user-powered social news feeds into your mobile app in no time. In the latest release, we have added a Group feature to Feed’s core functionality.

Your users can now create their own groups and add or request other users to join it. Groups give users an opportunity to communicate with each other around a shared interest. When users join a group, they follow the feed for that group, and thus, content that is posted there is reflected on users’ timeline. 

Group features can be used in various ways, for example:

  • Gaming apps can use Group to create clans in their game where each clan has its own clan feed;
  • OTT apps can use Groups to enable their users to create watch parties;
  • Fitness apps can enable their users to create workout groups. 

*Please note that the Group feature is currently only available in Native Android and iOS SDKs. If you’d like to get support for a different SDK, please contact us at

2. Activity Feed Analytics

We have also expanded the functionality of our Feed’s analytics so that you can get a better understanding of how the feeds are used within your app. You can see daily trends of all the feed interactions like posts, comments, and reactions, as well as engagement rates (i.e. % of DAU engaging in feeds), and many more insights.

3. HTTP API for Activity Feeds

As many of our customers were looking to utilize the feed features for their website, we have extended our HTTP API to include Activity feeds. Using our HTTP API you can perform the following feed operations directly from your backend:

  • Posting activities, comments, reactions to groups, topics, and user feeds;
  • Reading activities, comments, reactions from groups, topics, and user feeds;
  • Reading the user’s timeline;
  • Creating Topics;
  • Moderation.

4. Other updates

  • Flutter and React Native SDK 

In addition to native android, iOS, and unity, we have now added support for React Native and Flutter apps (please note that Flutter supports all features except push notifications). 

  • Notify users for post announcement option on the dashboard 

Many of our customers post regular announcements to their users on Activity feeds. However, not every user would notice those announcements unless they are actively using the feeds. Therefore, we have added the capability to send push and in-app notifications to users for any announcements that you post from our dashboard. Selecting this option will create a new Smart Targeting campaign with prefilled Action to open the announcement when users click on the push notification.

  • CleverTap integration

We have added CleverTap integration to pass referral data to the Clevertap platform. This means that GetSocial customers who are using Clevertap for their marketing automation can now set up different automation based on the user’s referral data. 

  • Webhooks for Activities/Comments/Reactions 

You can now enable webhooks for every activity post, comment, and reaction so that you will receive all the data in realtime on your servers. This is particularly useful if you would like to store a copy of all the activity related data on your database and if you want to run your own custom analytics or send push notifications from your system.

  • Moderation settings

We have enhanced our moderation feature to give you more control and flexibility. You can now choose between 3 moderation strategies: the first option is to disable our automatic profanity filter, the second is to replace all offensive content with * and thirdly, to reject the entire post if there is any offensive content. In addition to that, you can set every activity post and comment as “pending for approval” so you can run it through your own moderation system or manual moderation and approve or reject through the moderation API.

  • Rate limiting for activities and comments settings on the dashboard 

To prevent users from spamming your feeds by posting several activities and comments in a short period of time you can now define rate limits under community settings. You can define the number of activities and/or comments your users can post in a defined period of time e.g. limit 1 activity post per minute per user.

If you have any questions about the above-mentioned updates, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at If you’re new to GetSocial and would like to grow your mobile app, book a demo call with us to explore our platform!