During the last few months, we have been actively working on improving the product’s functionality to further refine its features and respond to our customers’ requests. In this product update, we added one more great feature to Activity Feeds, one-on-one chat, as well as included new events in our Smart Audiences and introduced increment/decrement user property feature for Smart Flows. Keep on reading for more details about each update. 

1. Community: One-on-one chat

We continue extending the functionality of our Activity Feeds, a powerful tool that helps you build a community in your app. Our latest improvement enables your users to communicate with their friends or other users through a private one-on-one chat: 

  • Chat feature supports sending text, images, emojis, videos, actions, and other metadata in a chat message;
  • Built-in push notifications for chats;
  • Chat history and conversation list.

The chat feature is available in our native Android, iOS and React Native SDKs.

2. Smart Audience Improvements 

We have added several events to our Smart audience feature enabling you to create more comprehensive user segments. More importantly, we have added Event referrals i.e. when you set referrals on custom events like user subscription. With event referrals now you can create a user segment of all referrers and also referred users based on different events. E.g. you can create a segment of users that referred their friend to subscribe before a certain date.

Following are all the new Smart Audience events that we have added: 

  • Event Referrers (Is Referred and Has Referred)
  • Invites Created, Canceled, Failed
  • Activities Reacted, Unreacted, Reported 
  • Chat Message Sent
  • Reinstalls 
  • Web Signups 
  • Web Opens 
  • Promo Code Created, Claimed

We have also added support for numeric custom properties, so you can create user segments based on numeric operators e.g. if score > 100

3. Smart Flow Improvements

GetSocial’s Smart Flows are aimed at engaging and re-engaging users at scale. Our mobile marketing automation tool allows you to target users based on their behavior and select one or more actions to perform, either on the same users, their referrers, or even their friends. In the recent update, we released new Smart Flow options for user properties. 

For custom user properties you can now use numeric properties. And using Smart flows you can now set properties (as text or number), Increment or decrement numeric properties or delete properties. 

Incrementing and decrementing custom properties was our most requested feature. Customers wanted to use this property to build numeric properties like Loyalty point or XP and when a user performs a certain action they increment this property. For example, if a user posts their first activity, increment the points by 5.

Besides that, you can now also trigger Smart Flow based on these new events:  

  • Chat Message 
  • Promo Code Created, Claimed
  • User Banned or Unbanned
  • Activity Reacted or Unreacted 
  • Follow and Unfollow for Groups, User, and Topics
  • Group Created, Joined, and Left.

4. Other Updates 

  • Group feature is now also available via our Unity SDK.
  • Added support for Push Notifications in our Flutter SDK. 
  • Several bug fixes.

If you have any questions about the above-mentioned updates, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at viral@getsocial.im. If you’re new to GetSocial and would like to grow your mobile app, book a demo call with us to explore our platform!