In this update, we’ve implemented some of the long-awaited features to our product as well as improved the existing ones. Now it is possible to include several requests in a single search to find users, groups, posts, etc., enable users to discover topics where their followed users are posting, improve the efficiency of in-app community moderation and much more. Read further to learn all details about each of the features.  

Verified users & moderators 

The goal is to reduce or distribute among more users the workload of moderating the in-app community and for that, we have released a concept of Verified users that enables you to mark any user as verified. Verified users are then able to reject other users’ posts directly from the app as opposed to normal users reporting a post which you then have to reject from the dashboard.

Additionally, any content posted by verified users does not go through our profanity filters i.e. their content is not moderated.

Improved user content visibility in timelines

When a user requests his timeline, we currently show activities from topics/groups/users that they follow. In particular, when following users, we only show activities that the followed user posted in their own feed but not in topics/groups. So if userA is following userB and if userB posts something on topicA (or group) that userA is not following then that post will not be visible in userA’s timeline.

We have updated this and now such activities are also visible in users’ timelines. This enables users to discover topics where their followed users are posting.


We’ve released a Global search feature that enables you to perform a single search that can find Users, Groups, Topics, Labels, Hashtags, and Activities at the same time, instead of having to make 6 independent requests.

Search is now available in the dashboard as well, so you can easily search for posts which have specific labels, keywords, properties, hashtags, or mentions. In addition to that, you can filter these activities based on their status – approved, pending or rejected.

Web SDK improvements 

We’ve significantly improved the functionality of our Web SDK since its release in January and here are some of the changes:

  • Filter for trending activities, topics and groups;
  • Search for topics and groups by labels and properties;
  • Search for activities by content, labels and properties;
  • Get suggested users based on user connections and trending users;
  • Follow labels and tags to see related content in the user’s timeline;
  • Improved search for labels and hashtags;
  • isBanned() is now correctly updated if the ban expiration happens while the user is using the website/app;
  • Bookmark activities and get all the bookmarked activities from the user;
  • Get reacted or voted activities from the user;
  • Filter activities by mentions of a user or the website/app.


  • Moderation is now extended to group title and group description as well;
  • Using HTTP API you can now send notifications to Group Members or Topic Followers without having to first get a list of group members or topic followers and then sending notifications in batch to these;
  • Added HTTP API endpoints to ban/unban users;
  • Activity mentions filter: Get list of activities/comments where a particular user has been mentioned.