Welcome to the GetSocial product update for July and August. Last few months we’ve been working on a big partnership to make your interaction with our SDK easier. We’ve also added new user roles on the Dashboard to make your interaction with in-app communities more flexible and few other updates.

Unity partnership

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Unity to offer our social technology directly through the Unity Asset Store. Our partnership with Unity means that our social technology is the only one out there that’s certified to work with Unity’s leading game development engine.

New moderation roles

New company roles have been added to the Dashboard:

  • Community Manager: limited to interacting with the community i.e. access only to the Activity Feed features.
  • Moderator: limited to moderate the content posted by the community i.e. can only moderate content posted by users.

These roles could interact with the in-app community via Activity Feed: reply to user requests, post announcements, and moderate inappropriate content effectively. Check out the description of roles in our documentation.
Dashboard Roles - GetSocial

New filters in Smart Audiences and comparing Audiences with each other

From now on, you can compare Smart Audiences with each other to get more insights into LTV and Sessions metrics. Just open Audiences dropdown near the title and select which Audience you’d like to compare with.

We also added some new Smart Audience filters: Smart Links medium, Power Users metric (number of active days within the last 30 days) and filtering by Custom User Properties.
The last one is especially powerful. For instance:

  • You can create a user property level which corresponds the user’s progress in the app; next, you can create an audience for users with level greater than 25,  and send a push notification to all these users via Smart Targeting for a special Level pack on offer.
  • You can then also compare this audience with other audiences.

Smart Audiences New Filters - GetSocial

Other notable updates

    1. New website UI: We’re excited to announce that our new and refreshed website is live. Besides the refreshed UI, we’ve improved the structure of our content, and added use cases so you’ll get more from a quick read.
    2. IPv6 support: From now, you can track link clicks and app installs accurately for both IPv4 or IPv6 users. For those apps which are required to support ipv6 networking, attribution has become more accurate.
    3. SDK-less FB integration: Starting from SDK v.6.20.7 Facebook channel for the Smart Invites is available out of the box. The new lightweight integration does not require Facebook SDK by sacrificing user experience a bit. Invite will be sent from the default device browser and the user will need to close it and go back to the app manually. For better UX we still recommend integrating Facebook SDK and sharing plugin as before, check setup details for Android, iOS, and Unity.