We know that your users are a great asset when it comes to gleaning insights or getting valuable feedback from them in order to improve your product. That’s why we’ve been working on providing you with an easy and quick way to achieve just that. As a result, we’ve created Polls, another great feature of GetSocial’s Community solution that will help you solicit your users’ opinions. 


  • You can create polls to gather valuable feedback from your users. Polls can be posted separately or embedded into an announcement.
  • You can also let your users create their own interesting image or text-based polls;
  •  A poll is composed of a question and two or more options and an expiry date. The question can include images or videos in addition to text, whereas, the poll options could be either text options or image options;
  • You can filter activities with different poll statuses;
  • When a poll supports multiple votes, users can submit multiple votes at a time, if multiple votes are not supported, users can submit only one vote on a poll at a time.

Polls are available from SDK 7.5.0 for native Android and iOS without any default UI. Need poll feature for Unity, ReactNative, or our Flutter SDK? Please contact us.

Learn more about Polls in our documentation

Other Updates

  • Groups feature released for flutter SDK; you can now also change Group member roles directly from the dashboard.
  • Private 1-1 Chat feature also released for flutter SDK 
  • Added support for multiple reactions in feeds enabling your users to add multiple reactions to a post.
  • Several bug fixes.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at viral@getsocial.im. If you’re new to GetSocial and would like to grow your mobile app, book a demo call with us to explore our platform!