In this massive product update, we are happy to share the great advances that have been made to GetSocial’s SDK in recent months. New features were introduced to bring your users’ experience to a new level. Labels, properties and Hashtag enhancements are now available in Activity Feeds, along with the suggested users, full-text search and the long-awaited web SDK! Read further to find out more about each of the features. 

Activity Feed Labels

Feed labels let you organize content and create advanced filters that were previously not possible. Similar to Gmail labels, you can mark an activity, group, and topic with multiple labels which you can later use in query or search. 

For example, when users post video content, you can tag it with a “video” label, similarly if they mention a product you can tag it with a “product” label. This allows you to then query for all trending video posts across all topics and groups and similarly show trending product-related posts.

For a stock trading app – when a user creates a post mentioning various stocks to buy as a recommendation to his followers, you can tag the posts with the stocks mentioned. Previously you could create a topic per stock and on a stock page show all the posts for that stock topic. However this approach had a big limitation, as each post can only belong to one topic, so if a user’s post mentions multiple stocks it cannot be posted to different topic feeds.

With the label approach, users can now create a post on their own feed and developers can tag that post with different labels where each label represents a stock. On the stock profile page, developers can query for all posts from every user which mentions that stock label and can further filter by trending. E.g. All trending posts that mention $APPL and are of type “recommendation”

A similar analogy can be drawn for other apps like recipes (e.g. get trending Vegan video recipes), workouts, eCommerce, etc.

The following are the key characteristics of the Label feature:

  • Post can be tagged with multiple labels
  • Labels can be followed by users similar to following topics, users and groups
  • You can query for labels in a single topic/group or across multiple.
  • Posts and followers count per label
  • Query trending labels

Activity feed properties and Hashtag enhancements

With this release, we have also extended the query functionality to be able to query post properties. As you are aware all our posts, topics and groups have properties where you can store custom key value pairs. Now you can use those properties in your query. Adding properties and querying by properties is similar to that of Labels described above, the key difference being that you can’t follow properties.

For e.g. you can add a custom property in topics with key value: isPaid, true. Later you can query for all topics that have this property. 

#Hashtags now also support all the features available in Labels, i.e. users can follow hashtags, query by hashtags etc. A key difference between hashtags and labels is that hashtags are visible in the post content, whereas labels are typically hidden.

Suggested Users 

Let your users discover other users they can follow. GetSocial’s user suggestion solution takes into account various factors to create a dynamic list of suggestions. These factors include trending users, friends of your friends, follows of your friends, friends of your follows, follows of your follows. Sorted by trending score and the score is boosted by these connections. 

Trending users is based on several interactions that will impact the score. These interactions include:

  • User posting activity 
  • Comments posted on the user’s activity
  • Reaction on user’s activity 
  • Vote on user’s poll
  • When someone follows or unfollows the users. Unfollowing negatively impacts the score.

Full-Text Search

Full-text search is now supported on groups, topics, activity posts and comments. Users can now perform searches based on keywords to discover groups, topics, or activities that include the search keyword. Now it becomes much easier to find the content your users are looking for. Users can search by keywords on:

  1. Group title, description, labels and properties 
  2. Topic title, description, labels and properties 
  3. Post and comment content, labels and properties 


GetSocial has always been a mobile-first company, providing referrals, push notifications, marketing automation, and community features for mobile apps. Over the recent months, we got a lot of interest in adding support for these features for websites as well. Customers wanted a like-for-like cross-platform experience for their users across Android, iOS and Web. 

We are happy to announce that a full-featured web SDK with the exception of Web push notifications has been released. Web SDK now supports referrals and all the community features.

Check our integration guide here.


  • User feeds in dashboard – previously only content posted on topic and group feeds were visible on the dashboard. We now also show user feeds on the dashboard. So when your users post content on their own feed you can see those posts from the dashboard and moderate them.
  • Username identity – Previously for every user you could set a display name which other users can also search by, however, display names were not unique, i.e. two different users can have the same display name – John Doe. This essentially creates a challenge when users want to mention other users by their display name. So we have now added support for adding Usernames, where we impose uniqueness so two users can’t have the same username.
  • Trusted Identity is now supported in Flutter.
  • Trending activities, groups, and topics are now also supported in Flutter.
  • HTTP API now supports community features and we have added the ability to delete users.