It’s been a while since we’ve published a product update but today we’re excited to release Notification Center UI, a new demo application and improvements to the documentation.

Notification Center UI

GetSocial Notifications is like push notifications on steroids. According to the latest Localytics data only 53% of the users have push notifications enabled. GetSocial Notifications API provides a way to deliver notifications to 100% of the users.
GetSocial Notification Center UI

With the release of the SDK v6.25.0, we are bundling a prebuilt Notification Center UI so you can show in-app notifications about updates, promotions, and other events in minutes not days.

To learn how to configure displayed notifications, what types of notifications are supported and how to customize the look and feel of the UI visit documentation.

Demo App 2.0

The new demo app is ready. It showcases the best practices and use-cases described in GetSocial documentation. We’ve partnered with DevFest Ukraine conference team to bring the full potential of GetSocial platform to their mobile application.

We’re rolling out an updated application to the Google Play and the App Store today and will open source implementation in the coming weeks.

Demo App
The app implements the following use cases:

Download the app to check out use-cases implementation on your own or schedule a demo with our sales team.

Documentation Improvements

Leveraging a new demo app we’ve added “Try me” sections to all use-cases guides in the documentation implemented in the DevFest Ukraine conference app. With a single click on the button, you’ll be taken to the specific tutorial inside the app.

“Try me” buttons use GetSocial Smart Links to deep link you to the appropriate tutorial. If the app is not installed on your device, Smart Link takes you to Google Play, App Store or lets you send an install link to your phone and deliver tutorial information right after the installation.