We are excited to announce our newest product update, which includes several improvements and new features! Significant changes have been made to our Block/unblock users feature as well as to Search and HTTP API functions. We’ve also introduced nested comments and taken care of several bugs. Read further to learn all details about each of the features.

Nested comments (Replies) and recent comments

One of the most awaited updates to our platform is the introduction of nested comments! This exciting new feature allows users to reply directly to a specific comment, creating a threaded conversation that is easy to follow and helps keep discussions organized. Similar to the reply or nested comment feature on popular platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, this new addition will greatly improve the user experience and make it easier to keep track of conversations.

Posting a reply (nested comments) is similar to posting comments. To post a reply, simply pass the activity ID of the parent comment as target. 

Some of our customers often have a UI where they show some recent comments under a post in the feed view. This gives their end users a glance at recent comments without having to go into the comments view. See here how you can extend your activities query to get the latest X comments.

Block/unblock users improvements 

The following improvements have been implemented to our block user feature. When a user blocks another user he won’t see the other user and his content as follows:

  • Blocked users won’t see content posted in specific topics or groups from each other
  • Blocked users won’t be able to comment on activities posted by each other 
  • Notifications between these users won’t be sent 
  • Optimized followers/members queries that filter blocked users
  • Blocked users won’t be returned in the followers’ list of Topics, Groups, Hashtags, Labels, Users
  • Blocked users won’t be returned in the group’s members list and friend list
  • Groups created by blocked users won’t be returned

Search Improvements

  • Introduced the ability for users to search for other users in specific lists like followers and group members. Users can search by displayName or username
  • Improvements in full-text search inside comments

HTTP API Improvements

  • It is now possible to search groups and topics with user identities as filters for followedByUser and isMemberUser
  • HTTP API response now includes user’s private properties when searching users by ID or identity 
  • Added voting for a polls


  • Added support for labels in comments (previously labels were only available for activity posts)
  • Added an option to permanently reject a user so that they are not able to join a group again
  • Improved iPad detection for smart invite links
  • Several improvements and bug fixes.