In this product update, we have released some important features and improvements that you don’t want to miss! We’ve made it possible for your users to block/unblock other users, extended the functionality of our Smart Flow feature and added a few more updates to make your experience with our product even more efficient. Read further to learn all details about each of the features.  

Block/unblock users

Appstore and Playstore now require apps that have user-generated content to provide an ability for users to block other users. So to support the same, we have now added a feature for users to block (unblock) other users in addition to reporting content. When a user blocks another user all their existing relationships are removed, e.g following, followers and friendships. Additionally, both users’ timeline won’t show their posts to each other. 

We will continue to extend this feature to prevent blocked users and their content from appearing in search, as well as the ability to mention them in posts etc. 

Smart Flow Placeholders

GetSocial’s event-based Smart flows are triggered when a specific analytics event arrives and it runs the configured actions like push notifications, webhook, set user properties etc. for you to create marketing automation campaigns.

You have been able to track custom data with these analytics events and use these data as filters when triggering Smart Flows (see example in the image below).

We have extended this feature and you can now take advantage of these custom key/values from the event’s custom data map and use them as placeholders (parameters) for the actions.

For e.g. you can create a placeholder for the Edit Properties action which gets replaced with the values coming from the event’s custom data map.

So in this example, the placeholder [level] in the action configuration will be replaced with the value of the key “level” from the event’s custom data map, which is 1.

Others updates

  • Added MAU chart under Engagement analytics.
  • Support in web SDK to upload files or base64 strings for:
    • activity attachments
    • poll option attachment
    • group icon
    • notification media
    • chat message attachments
    • user avatar
  • Activity webhooks now include labels and it’s also possible to add labels in comments.
  • Added ability to manage Identities via HTTP API.
  • Added activity deleted and rejected events to smart flows.
  • Several bug fixes and security updates.