Welcome to the April GetSocial product update. In April, we’ve focused on enhancing Notifications, adding new Smart Invite Channels and getting ready for GDPR.

New Smart Targeting actions

We’ve added a set of predefined actions to Smart Targeting Notifications. From now on, you can send a notification that will open Smart Invites view, Activity Feed view, URL or any custom action. Check our documentation for details.

GetSocial Notification to open Smart Invites

Click on the notification will open GetSocial Smart Invites view directly

Social Notifications preview

Our Social Notifications are localized into 24 languages. Now you can preview what text users will receive for each notification type in all supported languages.

To preview go to GetSocial DashboardApp Settings section → Push Notifications tab and expand a notification type.
GetSocial Notifications Preview

New Smart Invite channels

We’re constantly expanding the list of supported invite channels to make our user experience as smooth as possible. This month we’ve added support for Instagram Direct, Hangouts and VK.

To enable new channels for your users, go to GetSocial DashboardUser Acquisition section → Smart Invites tab and flip the appropriate toggle in the Invite channels section.
New Smart Invites Channels

You can enable Instagram Direct and Hangouts for all existing users without updating the SDK. To set up VK on the client side, check the documentation for Android and iOS.

In-app notifications

Starting from SDK version 6.17.0 you can allow showing GetSocial Notifications on top of your application when it is in the foreground. Check the documentation for Android, iOS or Unity for configuration details.

Install fraud detection improvements

We’ve also made significant updates to our backend and SDK to make fraud detection and prevention more precise and feasible. To identify suspicious installs we’ve started taking into account click to install time, cookies and various other device information.

You may notice a small decrease in the number of installs on the Smart Invites and Smart Links analytics on the GetSocial Dashboard if we identify them some of these as fraudulent activity. In the next release, we’ll make information about suspicious and rejected installs available on the GetSocial dashboard and the webhooks.

GDPR readiness

On May 25, 2018, a new data privacy law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force, impacting how businesses collect and process data from individuals who live in the EU.

GetSocial takes data privacy very seriously and, given we play an integral role in many of our customers’ GDPR compliance, we’re taking every measure to become GDPR compliant. Currently, we’re making the necessary changes company-wide to ensure we comply with the regulation. Updated Terms and Privacy Policy along with the DPA will be available before May 25.

To sign a DPA or any GDPR related questions email us at privacy@getsocial.im.

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