There is good news for Candy Crush fans (yes, they’re still out there), an exciting new addictive mobile game, Adventure Smash has just turned candy into a whole new epic adventure! 

The game developer behind this exciting free mobile game for iOS and Android is PeopleFun. They put a twist on the popular Candy Crush style game that’s too good to miss. Aside from unique challenges throughout the game, Adventure Smash is one of the latest games to join the GetSocial community.

Here’s how PeopleFun is using GetSocial’s tools to benefit their players in Adventure Smash:

  • Players are sharing tactics on the GetSocial activity feeds
  • PeopleFun (the developer) is communicating with players via the activity feed
  • Players are returning to the game via GetSocial’s social push notifications
  • When players run out of lives they engage with the activity feeds (instead of leaving the game) proving increased retention
  • Players now have more options to invite their friends via their favorite chat apps through GetSocial’s smart invites

PeopleFun have integrated GetSocial entirely by themselves and we want to congratulate them for doing an incredible job. They have customized the social tools so they fit seamlessly into the game. For those who want to see the GetSocial tools in action, Adventure Smash proves to be an excellent example that is already seeing an increase in players, engagement, and retention. However we warn you, the game is highly addictive!  

It’s available now on the AppStore and Google Play store.

Thank you PeopleFun! See you all in Adventure Smash.