A year of partnerships, new features and knowledge sharing, lots of it. 2018 came to an end, giving us an opportunity to look back and share our highlights of GetSocial Year in Review.

A Year of Partnerships

We’ve partnered with the leading tech companies to make GetSocial SDK more accessible and reliable for our customers.

  1. Certified Asset Store Partner means that our social technology is the only one out there that’s certified to work with Unity’s leading game development engine.
  2. AWS Standard Technology Partner program brings together organizations that create well-architected solutions when they have a strong understanding of AWS best practices. 
  3. Partnerships with AppsFlyer and Adjust brings GetSocial analytics data into one unified attribution dashboard, providing more insights into the value of social users in your apps.
  4. Partnership with Talkable brings the power of GetSocial referral marketing tools for e-commerce users on mobile platforms.

GetSocial Partnerships in 2018

A Year of New Features

During this year we’ve expanded our product to cover the full growth lifecycle using social features: from acquisition to re-engagement.

Key features released:

  1. Smart Targeting a new re-engagement tool to segment and target your users based on their in-app behavior and deliver targeted push notifications to each segment.
  2. GDPR readiness. On May 25, 2018, a new data privacy law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force, impacting how businesses collect and process data from individuals who live in the EU. GetSocial takes data privacy very seriously and, given we play an integral role in many of our customers’ GDPR compliance, we’re taking every measure to become GDPR compliant.
  3. GIF support on Smart Invites, Activity Feed a Push Notifications. Capture your users’ gameplay and let them share it with friends across their preferred communication channels like WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. Sharing gameplay is more captivating to the recipient and increases the engagement and conversion to installs. We’ve also published an open source GIF capturing library to give our customers a generic and simple tool to enable recording of their user’s gameplay.
  4. New Invite Channels. We’re constantly expanding the list of supported invite channels to make our user experience as smooth as possible. This month we’ve added support for Viber, Instagram, Telegram, Hangouts, and VK.
  5. User to user notifications with templates. With custom notifications feature, you can send user-to-user notifications from the client side via the new SDK sendNotification API. This helps improve your app’s re-engagement rates as users receive more meaningful and personal notifications from the app.
  6. IPv6 support. For those apps which are required to support IPv6 networking, attribution has become more accurate.
  7. Web SDK. We’ve introduced HTTP API and JavaScript SDK to implement web-to-app, web-to-web, and app-to-web referral campaigns. SDK will ensure that attribution data is saved and users will have the same great UX as on mobile. 
  8. In-app purchase tracking. GetSocial’s in-app purchase tracking is intended to be a value add to your existing revenue metrics and provides additional insights like comparing purchase behavior of referred vs. non-referred user or identifying the social value of your users (in addition to the LTV).

A Year of Education

This year we spoke at 25 events and created 21 educational blog posts for developers to help them make the most out of social features in their mobile apps.

GetSocial on a stage

Talks on mobile app marketing and user acquisition:

  • Designing for Virality: Turning Users Into Influencers – Jeroen Bouwman, Casual Connect USA [video]
  • Mobile Growth. Retention – Ostap Andrusiv, GDG Lviv [slides]
  • Mobile App Marketing. User Acquisition – Ostap Andrusiv, MobOS Romania [slides]
  • The State of Viral User Acquisition – Jeroen Bouwman, Casual Connect London [video]
  • Mobile Growth Stack. Acquisition, Retention and Engagement techniques – Ostap Andrusiv, Product Meetup Lviv [slides]
  • Keynote: The state of mobile ecosystem – Vitaliy Zasadnyy, DevTalks Bucharest [slides] [video]
  • You’ve Built Your App – Now What? – Ostap Andrusiv, Tech Fest Bucharest [slides]
  • Designing For Virality: 3 Steps To Grow Your Game Organically – Vitaliy Zasadnyy, Unite LA [slides]
  • How to get the most out of friend invites – Vitaliy Zasadnyy, Unite Singapore [slides] [blog post]

GetSocial tech team sharing field expertise and best practices:

  • Mobile Deep Links Testing – Diana Pinchuk, ITEM Kyiv [slides]
  • Debunking Myths About Mobile Deep Links – Vitaliy Zasadnyy, Appril Festival Amsterdam [slides] [video]
  • Mobile Deep Links Debunked – Vitaliy Zasadnyy, Droidcon Berlin [slides] [video]
  • Implement high-quality mobile deep links: tips and tricks – Diana Pinchuk [blog post]
  • How to Go with AWS Lambda? – Taras Postument, DevFest Ukraine [slides] [video]
  • Being a QA in a mobile SDK product – Diana Pinchuk [blog post]
  • Testing tips of installable mobile apps alternatives: PWA, AIA, and AMP – Diana Pinchuk, DevFest CZ [slides] [video]

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2018 was an intense year, but that was just the beginning of our journey together. Keep creating and see you in 2019!