So you’ve built this great app and published it on Google Play or Apple App Store. You have a website, a microsite or a landing page associated with the app. The main purpose of these pages is to describe and promote the app outside of app stores. We believe, those pages should also drive app installs!

ubisoft landing page Ubisoft’s FaceUp has added 2 buttons to their website: one for Apple Appstore and one for Google Play

In order to achieve this, developers add Google Play and Apple App Store buttons, which link to the related pages on the stores. Here’s the thing: those buttons have no analytics attached and you might not want to spend time reinventing the wheel.

There are more hidden pitfalls:

  • If the person is visiting your website from a desktop, there’s no easy way to make them actually install the app as there’s no phone involved.
  • It’s complicated to track, how many installs those buttons generate and how your website is performing. 

The Fix

To fix this problem, we’ve built GetSocial Smart Widget: a tiny JS snippet, which automatically detects OS, generates required UI, tracks stats all the way up to install and app launch, and takes care of deep linking people to your app. This way you streamline app installation, improve organic user acquisition and boost re-engagement. Exactly what we care about here at GetSocial.

Once added to the website, you’ll get this automatically: 

getsocial landing page OS is detected and related button is shown. SMS is used on the desktop in order to save custom attribution data.

GetSocial Smart Widget will detect the OS of the user’s device and for those visiting from:

  • iOS → show Apple Appstore install button
  • Android → show Google Play install button
  • desktop → show “SMS me app link” screen (more about it below)

How can I get one for my app?

  1. Register on GetSocial Dashboard.
  2. Add your app info.
  3. Create a new Smart Link and click “Generate Smart Widget Code”.
  4. GetSocial Dashboard will give you your unique JS snippet, which looks similar to this one:

Js snippet getsocial View JSFiddle here:

Why do we show an SMS box for desktop users? 

If your users are visiting from a desktop, we should somehow send the install link to their mobile devices to ensure the install is tracked and deep linking is working. Sending a text message to themselves is the most frictionless and fastest way to achieve that.

Your next logical question would be: “But we have no idea which OS the user is on and which link should be sent?” GetSocial Smart Links cover this for you. We’ll craft a special link for this user, which has OS detection built-in. 

Can I build a custom onboarding experience for people who are coming from the website? 

Absolutely. You can assign any custom data (in the form of string key-value pairs) to a Smart Link, which will be used in the JS snippet. Later, when you integrate the GetSocial SDK, you’ll be able to receive attached custom data and personalize the onboarding experience for your users.

What’s next? 

Head over to GetSocial Dashboard, integrate the JS snippet and track the installs and app re-engagements!