September 24 2020

Activity Feeds (aka news feed) must be a part and parcel of your mobile app if you aim at increasing your user engagement and retention rates by creating a loyal in-app community of users. Integrating activity feeds has proven to have a great number of benefits and apps from across various categories have already implemented feeds into their mechanics. Our findings show that: 

  • 2.7X users are more likely to stay in-app for a sense of community and belonging; 
  • 7X social users have higher D30 retention; 
  • 11X social users generate more installs. 

Activity feeds is a great way to personalize the user experience of your app and cater to the users’ specific needs and interests. Besides that, feeds are of great help in terms of getting first-hand feedback from your users which you can then apply to improve your app.

Integrating an activity feed into your app might be a rather challenging and time-consuming task, and instead of reinventing the wheel, we suggest that you consider the tools that are already available on the market and won’t take long to be integrated. Let’s have a look at two companies offering activity feeds as one of their features. 


GetSocial’s Activity Feeds are part of an all-in-one solution of plug and play social features to acquire, engage, retain, and re-engage users. You can build user-powered social news feeds and notifications into your mobile app in no time. Let users create engaging content and engage with others through comments and reactions. Users follow other users or topics and become members of various groups to get a personalized timeline of content. 

Additionally, Activity feeds can be used for company-to-user communication. You can communicate with your users directly by posting important messages as announcements. Run in-app promotions and events, cross-promote your other apps, inform users about upcoming features, request feedback, and much more. You can target announcements to specific topics or post them everywhere. In addition to that, you can comment and react on users’ posts.

Pricing is based on the daily active users of your mobile app. 


Stream offers two products: activity feeds to increase user engagement and chat messaging. Their Feed API enables app creators to optimize app’s engagement and retention with the help of such advanced features as aggregation, ranking, real-time, and personalization.

Besides that, Stream created a versatile and comprehensive Feed UI Kit for Sketch that includes a social network UI kit, notification feed UI kit, music & video feed UI. 

Pricing is based on feed updates. 

Feature Comparison

Follow users and topicsyy
Friend relationshipyn
User groupsyn
Feed ranking n
Only chronologically
Aggregated feedsny
Richer content support (images, videos)yy
Support for localization, CTA buttonsyn
Product tagging yn
Push notifications for reactions/comments/mentionsyn
In-app notificationsyy
Content reporting by usersyn
Automatic profanity filteryn
Extra cost via third-party provider
Custom UIyy
App invites and Content sharingyn
Chat messagingny
Install attribution & referral trackingyn
Deep linkingyn
User segmentation & targetingyn
Mobile marketing automationyn


Both Stream and GetSocial offer a great solution to create a communication channel in your app and build an engaged community of users. Stream’s functionality covers Activity Feeds and Chat Messaging, whereas GetSocial has a range of plug and play features that take into account each stage of a user’s lifecycle and help you boost user acquisition, engagement, and retention rates. 

If you would like to learn more about how GetSocial can help you grow your mobile app, we are here to help!