So, you have plans to launch your mobile app soon. Simply having a plan in mind will not work, though. You must consider the steps you need to take next. First of all, you’ll have to find the most effective ways of promoting your mobile app. And what better way to indulge in mobile app marketing than using animated explainer videos?

Creating an interesting mobile app explainer video is a smart way to increase brand awareness, engage your potential users, and convince them to download the app and use it.

It makes sense to use animated explainer videos for marketing your mobile app because they have a good retention rate. Viewers have a higher chance of buying a product after watching animated explainer videos.

Read on to learn how animated explainer videos work for mobile app marketing and the different ways you can use them to promote your app.

How Do Animated Explainer Videos Work?

Animated explainer videos can help promote your mobile application; let’s look at how these videos work and what they do.

Animated explainer videos use colourful and vivid visuals that appeal to the audience. These videos are highly addictive, which is one of the prime reasons they make the perfect addition to a mobile app marketing strategy.

The eyes of human beings tend to get naturally drawn to things that they find attractive and interesting. That’s the reason why animated videos grab their attention while making them want to use your mobile application.

But there’s something more to animated explainer videos, right?

Spot On! Use Clear Language in Your Animated Video

It’s important to use both text and visuals in your animated explainer video. But simply bombarding the audiences with technical lingo and big words will not work magic. In that case, the audiences are quite unlikely to use or download your app on their devices. Your app will not get the intended attention of the audience.

If you want things to work the way you want, make sure to use clear language in your animated explainer video. Use language that the audience can understand very easily. Your language should be simple and easy enough for the audience to understand everything about your mobile app.

You even have the option of employing a step-by-step approach or tutorials as they have higher chances of success. Through these videos, your future customers will feel a bit more included in the procedure of using your app.

That brings us to the next point of building trust among users.

Make Animated Videos to Build Trust Among Your Users

Establishing the perfect bond of reliability and trust with the future users of your app is probably one of the most important aspects of marketing you must pay attention to. 

Also, make your mobile application look approachable. It helps you present how easy and simple it is to use your mobile app.

It’s likely for the users to bond emotionally and engage with something that makes them feel cared for and included.

Consider the Length of Your Animated Explainer Video

Yet another major aspect of using animated explainer videos for marketing your mobile app is their length. If you’ve ever watched an engaging and interesting video on YouTube, you’ll know how frustrating it is to be disturbed by ads that you cannot skip, especially as these ads last for quite a few minutes. That isn’t very pleasant!

And not a great feeling at all! This is why it’s always recommended to keep animated explainer marketing videos short and just to the point. Such videos will keep the viewers focused and not frustrate them because of the never-ending textual blocks.

Now that you have a general idea of making animated explainer videos and how they work, it’s time to focus on the 6 different ways in which these videos help promote your mobile app.

1. They Get to the Exact Point Directly and Quickly

Animated explainer videos are great at marketing mobile applications because they convey the main gist of the app while creating brand awareness immediately. The short duration of these videos serves to be just perfect for holding the audience’s attention.

To be very honest, these days, there’s hardly any individual who has the inclination or the attention span to go through huge blocks of text detailing the features and functionalities of a mobile app.

Ask the experts, and they’ll tell you that today’s consumers are keenly interested in watching visual content from businesses and brands they would like to buy from. This means that with the help of animated explainer videos, brands can value the choice and convenience of their audiences by offering them exactly what they want—watching informative and interesting videos.

2. People are in Love with Animated Explainer Videos

Nowadays, people are so busy that they’re always on the lookout for new entertainment avenues, and animated explainers do just that. They capture the viewers’ attention instantly by presenting information about the mobile app attractively and engagingly.

These videos set products apart by explaining them exclusively. But that’s not all. Such videos even motivate individuals to stay on any business website for more than 2 minutes; thus, there’s more engagement for your content.

These days, customers prefer visual matter when they’re on the lookout for products. They always like watching brief and informative videos of the products they’re interested in rather than going through articles about the same.

Therefore, it’s always good to make animated videos to promote your mobile app. Animated explainer videos are the most used content varieties on social media platforms too.

They are attention-grabbers, and it will be a major loss for businesses to miss out on the scope of promoting their mobile brand and application simultaneously through this popular form of media.

3. Animated Explainer Videos are Engaging

Animated explainers are probably the most engaging forms of content for raising awareness around a mobile application. People love to see rather than read, and human beings retain more of what they see than what they read.

That’s why videos take the top slot among the different marketing mediums—specifically where the end objective is to encourage audiences to take an intended action.

People tend to be positively influenced by watching video promotions of a brand. This means that animated explainers engage viewers to an extent where they’re more likely to convert and drive sales for a brand.

Animated explainer videos are simple and quick to digest. They effectively convince prospects to download your mobile app and become loyal users.

4. Explainers are Good at Conveying Ideas

Suppose you’re looking for the right medium to explain your mobile app’s benefits, features, and functionalities within the shortest time span. In that case, nothing is better than animated explainer videos.

There’s no better way of doing this than communicating your concepts in a wonderful animated explainer visual. As a user, you require 60 to 90 seconds to present the main idea of your mobile app, speak about its functionalities and advantages, and describe its competitive advantage in detail.

Animated explainers work perfectly when you need to detail your mobile app’s complex features and ideas in a quick and fun way. Blending eye-catching animations and visuals, informative voice-over, and cool music, these videos have the power of appealing to all kinds of audiences and conveying your brand message most effectively.

You even have the option of using these videos to highlight the exclusive value proposition of your mobile app and to demonstrate its quality and creativity as a part of your pitch for attracting investors.

A lovely, memorable, and funny cartoon can effectively and quickly spread the word about your mobile app. Such videos use visual cues for catching the audience’s eyes and for sticking to their memories.

They help build a very strong connection between the story you’re looking to narrate and your company. They help in creating an emotional bond with viewers while instilling strong emotions and strengthening brand identity at the same time.

5. Animated Explainers Have the Power to Go Viral

When it comes to marketing your mobile app, you need to pay a good deal of attention to popularity, considering that many mobile apps are available in the market these days. Prospective customers are likely to get overwhelmed with the number of options presented to them.

However, using an animated explainer video to promote your mobile app will make your app stand out and even convince viewers that the app is worth downloading.

Not only this, animated explainers are shareable, which means they have the power of going viral in not less than 1 second. Short and informative explainers instantly grab the audience’s attention while generating business leads.

If you ask the big brands operating in the market, they’ll tell you how they’ve used animated explainer videos for attracting customers to their social media platforms.

If your explainer matches your mobile application in quality, it can generate the right type of engagement and bring in a high number of downloads.

6. One Explainer, Many Advantages

The animated explainer video for your mobile app not only conveys the main USPs of your app but is an all-inclusive attempt to provide a good demo of your mobile app to the target audience.

It helps in making a very strong sales pitch so that interested users download your app instantly, establish your brand’s image for other prospective customers, and reinforce the same for existing consumers.

Animated explainer videos help viewers form a well-rounded idea of your brand, the products you offer, the purpose of your mobile application, what you do, and how your mobile app can benefit them. Isn’t that super cool?

Above everything else, making animated explainer videos is cost-effective while bringing huge returns on investment. So, there’s a win-win situation for brands using these videos for marketing their mobile app in all circumstances.

Creating an animated explainer video costs less than recording a long video commercial. You can also use the video in all your different marketing campaigns on several channels—be it YouTube, email newsletters, a social media news feed, or on the landing page of your website.

Just research your target market, determine the right distribution channels, and develop an all-inclusive marketing strategy to increase your returns on investment.

The Bottom Line

That’s it—those were some of the reliable ways in which animated explainer videos can market your mobile app. Now that you have a clear idea of using animated explainers for amplifying user engagement and the download-worthiness of your app, it’s time for you to get straight to the process of creating professional explainer videos for your application.

If you’re quite serious about offering your mobile app the limelight it deserves while enjoying big returns on your hard efforts, then make sure to use the right explainer video-making tools available online.