Content marketing is riding the high tide in the digital industry. When you come to think of it, you know exactly why – because it helps a consumer see the true value he will get from a business. And the same holds true for mobile apps.

Although app marketers usually remain skeptical about using content marketing in their growth strategies, there are a few that swear by it. In fact, content marketing has become an integral part of their user acquisition and retention strategies.

Not sure who we’re talking about?

Well, we found a few apps that are truly rocking at content marketing to inspire you to leverage the growth tactic for your own app!

1. Canva – Social Media and Blogging

One of the growth strategies and stories that we have always admired, is that of Canva. They don’t just have a nifty tool that enables everyone to create beautiful graphics, but also a great strategy to help each of their users out in doing so.

They have created a design school where they share the best of tips and tricks from the industry. From how you can stand out on your Instagram with gorgeous graphics to how to create a presentation that actually sells your product – yes, they have it all and they make sure to share it on social to keep their users updated! 

canva design school

2. Calm – Instagram Content Marketing

If you thought Instagram requires coming up with too many fresh content ideas every day, you’re right. But if you thought that an app can’t use the social media platform because of this, you’re wrong and Calm proves it every day!

Calm is an app that helps users sit down, relax and learn how to meditate every day. They use Instagram to keep their messaging as simple and at the same time keep inspiring their users to continue working on themselves. With nice little watermarks under quotes, their feed is surely one of our favourites.


3. FitBit – Consistent Blogging

Take it from someone who has just begun to focus on the number of steps that need to be taken in a day to remain healthy – you need consistent motivation and of course, the best of tips to keep going at it or you bore yourself of it and give up midway. That’s why we love the way FitBit app uses blogging!

They are consistently sharing insightful content around how people should bring more activity into their days, the diets they should follow for a healthy lifestyle, interesting recipes, exercise routines and more. We often end up spending good 40-50 minutes on their blog every time!


4. Clash of Clans – Facebook Content Marketing

If having a gaming app is your excuse of not using content marketing, here’s some inspiration. Clash of Clans doesn’t just use their Facebook page for sharing glimpses from their game or running ads to acquire new users, they make it a point to share different forms of content that give their players more insights into their game – especially highlighting features they could have possibly not explored or how to complete a level that seems a little too difficult!

They may not be using blogs, but they are certainly nailing video content for their growth strategy. 


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5. Evernote – Twitter Content Marketing

Twitter and content marketing almost go hand in hand for everyone. To be honest, Twitter is truly the one social platform every marketer should leverage from if churning out insightful content. And that’s exactly what one of our most used app, Evernote does.

Evernote doesn’t just encourage its users to remain more organized professionally, and personally, but also shares tips on how to do so. They also share write ups from popular bloggers and websites talking about being organized and remaining productive. 


6. Skyscanner – Consistent Blogging

Another app that is absolutely crushing content marketing, is Skyscanner. An app that helps people find the cheapest of flights, hotels and car rentals to a destination they are planning to visit, Skyscanner truly makes sure their trips are made the most out of.

They have a series of articles sharing travel tips that take the stress out of planning a vacation and share travel guides often so that you don’t go hunting for a list on Google. They also use the platform to voice their opinions, vision and mission with their users frequently.



A lot of apps start using content marketing in their growth strategy, but fall out of it eventually. That’s when they close a channel that most of their users would prefer to keep in touch through or interact with them on.

Content marketing gives your app a chance to connect with your users and remind them of your value proposition subtly, while keeping them thoroughly engaged and away from all other competing apps in the market.

Know of another app that has nailed content marketing for growth? Feel free to share it with us; after all, who doesn’t need a little inspiration!